The Zone Event - Sept 22nd - Sept 24th

Sept 22nd - Sept 24th, Palm Desert, CA

Your Life Will Shift in Ways You Never Dreamed Possible. Spend 3 Days in a Room Filled with Hundreds of People Who Believe in the Possibility of More!

Something electric happens when a room full of entrepreneurs come together to build wealth and achieve their dreams. We’ll be bringing together some of the best minds in the industry to create a catalytic effect where everyone will create ultimate freedom and greater impact in everything that matters to them!

What if you could walk away, having made changes in your business—changes that will jump-start you to the next level of cash flow and growth? Let us put you on the road to financial self-reliance and independence.

The ZONE Event

Key factors to

why you don’t want to miss

The ZONE Event

this year

What is it that YOU truly want in life? Is it more money? A better relationship? To be in better shape and never worry about your health?

Consider this: Anytime you make the decision that you WANT something different in your life, whatever it is that you want for yourself, you are beginning a walk of FAITH into a realm you have never experienced. But the path has already been paved for you. Attending this 3-day event could be the breeding ground for everything.

When the perfect environment of action and passion come together, the pursuit of solving a problem becomes our greatest focus.

Imagine . . . finally getting that breakthrough you’ve been praying for, meditating over, declaring and speaking out loud. Once and for all.

Taking a risk like never before

and jumping over uncertainty

is the key.

That leap of faith can be scary. It usually requires you to do something for the first time, with no real certainty that you are even going to get whatever it is that you want!


is required for

for change.

The ZONE Event can put you into a place where others like you are taking a leap of faith, being CALLED forward; knowing you’re made for more. Don’t let this be the regret of a lifetime. It’s funny how life is a powerful teacher sometimes, when looking back we realize that we gave up too soon. Too often, we forfeit our dreams by giving up RIGHT before that big breakthrough.

The ZONE Event Is

Unlike Anything You Have Ever Experienced Before . . .

Possibility is the lifeblood of hope. Hope is the connector to dreams realized. As you begin your journey of starting and then growing your business, you will soon discover that hope is the missing ingredient in success that few people talk about.

Millionaires have a common denominator that set them apart from the rest of society—they have the ability to THINK DIFFERENTLY. Shanda will show you how to step into alignment as a business owner, so you can get exactly what you want, instead of allowing yourself to keep coming up short . . . AND she will show you how to start shifting the way you think so you can achieve real results.

Once you cultivate a strong thinking pattern, the rest is easy.

This is when Shanda will open up the concrete step-by-step business and marketing strategies that will help you to immediately implement the breakthrough your business needs for quick change. The greatest part is, every single piece will be easy to follow. You’ll never feel like you jumped into the deep end without a life vest.

The #1 Thing Past Attendees have Said Is:

“I Didn’t Feel Like My Head Was Exploding with Information Overload. I Was Able to

Take Action Immediately!"

Have you ever attended an event where you received so much information that you felt like you were paralyzed rather than empowered? This will not be your experience at The ZONE Event. Our past attendees always tell us, through excitement and tears, that they were able to step into action QUICKLY and EFFECTIVELY because they didn’t feel like they were drowning in all of the information given.

Be ready to receive business strategies that aren’t based on theory. Proven and time-tested processes that will take you to the next level will be included in every session. You won’t leave with fluff, not knowing what to do next. Rather, you’ll have a blueprint setting you up for success.

These are the very same strategies that Shanda and the thousands of others she has coached and consulted with have used to skyrocket their businesses and achieve financial freedom!

We had some amazing moments in last years event. Check out the best moments of Zone Event 2018.

Why Attend

The ZONE Event

Who is The ZONE Event For?

The ZONE Event is for anyone who knows they are meant for more and are ready to partner with the Universe to make it happen! If you have a vision for your life . . . If you can clearly see what your life would be like if you loved your work, lived your purpose, and provided for your family . . . If you enjoyed the freedom of knowing you could help anytime and anywhere you wanted to . . . If you want to own your time, have the wealth you need, and be on the top of your game—THIS is what The ZONE Event is all about.

What is Unique about The ZONE Event?

One unique characteristic of The ZONE Event is all attendees get a chance to work ON their business, right at the event. They not only receive the tools and strategies that they need—but they leave with things being handled and taken care of so they can then go to the next level. Many of our attendees experience a TRANSFORMATION right there in the room, and end up building cash flow during their attendance.

Are You Ready to Shift Your Mindset, Build Cash Flow, and Create Long-Lasting Change in Just Three Days?


Sept 21st: Day Zero

Intimate networking with Shanda:
FOR Single Mom’s & Military Wives

The ZONE Event

Changes Lives!

How much proof do you need that The Zone Event is a game changer?

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Are You Ready to Shift Your Mindset, Build Cash Flow, and Create Long-Lasting Change in Just Three Days?



JW Marriott Desert Springs

Resort & Spa

Sept 22nd - Sept 24th

74-855 Country Club Drive, Palm Desert, CA 92260
Hotel Check-in Time: 4:00pm; Hotel Check-out Time: 11:00am

The JW Marriott Room Block is now sold out for this event. Our HCB Client Care team will be happy to support you in contacting the hotel for availability. Any rooms available to book will be honored at our event rate of $179. To check for room availability, please reach out to with the subject “BOOK FOR ZONE“.

PS from Shanda

“I know there are lot of events you can go to but this may be the most important event you go to in your life. And here is why: I’m going to show you how I first came up with the idea about Heart Core. Then monetizing it…. through 50,000 to multiple six figures, seven figures, eight figures a year, and who knows where I will end up…

And I would like to show you exactly HOW I did this.

It’s time to build YOUR legacy.”



YES, I’m Ready to

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